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Before you can do something you must first be something.
-- Goethe


Monday, July 15, 2024


You cannot always control the circumstances and events that surround you. Yet what you can always do is choose to meet them with strength.

Strength adds value to where you are and what you do. Whether you’re being praised, prodded, attacked, or assisted, with strength you can respond in the most appropriate and positive manner.

Strength is not the only quality necessary for a well lived life. Yet without strength the other qualities won’t get you very far.

With strength you rise above your own pettiness and the pettiness of others. Strength focuses you on what matters most, and provides the effectiveness to pursue your highest priorities.

Strength comes when you have a meaningful reason to exercise it. Strength endures when it is grounded in truth and authenticity.

Every day brings multiple opportunities to strengthen your mind, body, spirit, your love and understanding. Seize upon the best of those opportunities, and work to become an ever stronger positive force in life.

— Ralph Marston

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