Attitudes are the forerunners of conditions.
-- Eric Butterworth



Value Every Moment

Motivational audio program
by Ralph Marston

Subscribers to The Daily Motivator have access to Ralph Marston’s 3-hour audio program, “Value Every Moment.” If you are a subscriber, log in to activate the links below so you can listen to or download the audio segments.

If you’re not a current subscriber, you can listen to two of the tracks, “Introduction” and “Overcoming Obstacles” to give you a sample of what the program is like. Click the “Listen” link to listen online, or the “Download” link to download the file. Each file you download will be downloaded to your default download folder. After downloading, you can drag the downloaded file to an iTunes playlist or play it with any other MP3-compatible software.

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Discipline Listen Download
Gratitude Listen Download
Creativity Listen Download
Effectiveness Listen Download
Getting Along With Others Listen Download
Discovering Your Ambition Listen Download
Bouncing Back Listen Download
Dealing With Fear Listen Download
Overcoming Obstacles Listen Download
Focus Listen Download
Peacefulness Listen Download