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Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.
-- Henry Kaiser


Friday, December 26, 1997


Remember, your assumptions are just that... assumptions. They can be very helpful. Yet they can also cloud your judgment. Don’t get so comfortable with your assumptions that you forget about them. They have a powerful influence, and it’s your job to make sure they’re in line with reality.

Conditions change. The assumptions you developed when you were a child, probably no longer apply. Yet you may still be basing some decisions on them. Priorities change. The assumptions you depended on when you graduated from school, may no longer reflect what’s important to you. The marketplace changes. The assumptions that led to last year’s sales increase, may no longer be valid.

When you have a decision to make, remember to examine your assumptions. Think about how you’ve grown, and how you’ve changed. Don’t base today’s decisions on yesterday’s assumptions.

— Ralph Marston

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