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Where there is joy there is creation. Where there is no joy there is no creation: know the nature of joy.
-- Upanishads


Thursday, December 11, 1997

More than expected

It is easy for you to do what people expect of you. After all, other people expect you to be yourself, and you’re pretty good at that.

Now consider what would happen if you did just a little more than expected. You’re already doing what people expect. With just a little more effort, you could suddenly be doing more than is expected.

Though the additional effort is minor, it produces remarkable results. You go from being “one of many” to being someone who goes “above and beyond.” Whether you’re an employee of someone else, or a business owner, or a salesperson -- giving more than expected will take you far.

It doesn’t take much to cross the line from “ordinary” to “extraordinary.” Just do what you would do anyway, plus a little bit more.

— Ralph Marston

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