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Don't look back. Something may be gaining on you.
-- Satchel Paige


Monday, December 8, 1997

The work of life

What is work? For some, it is sitting in a cubicle, answering the phone. For others, it’s caring for a young child. Or hammering boards together, or cooking, or flying an airplane.

Work is the business of life. We all do it, whether we collect a paycheck or not. It is what keeps us alive, and what moves us forward. There is no menial work. It is all important.

In all work, there is the potential for fulfillment, because there is the opportunity to make a difference. The more of yourself you put into your work, the more your work will accomplish. Put your hands into your work, and it will keep you alive. Put your mind into it, and it will provide a life. Put your essence into it, and it will bring enormous rewards.

You affect the value of your work, not so much by what you do, but by what you give to the effort.

— Ralph Marston

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