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Make the iron hot by striking it.
-- Oliver Cromwell


Saturday, October 11, 1997

What it takes

You’ve got what it takes to succeed. You’ve got what it takes to achieve. You’ve got what it takes to triumph over the little distractions, and the big problems.

You’ve got what it takes, because what it takes is you. Whatever you need, you can find a way to get. Whatever you must know, you can find a way to learn. Whatever must be done, you can do. What it takes, is you. Your desire, your passion, your commitment, every moment of every day, day after day, will bring you to your goals.

You can learn. You can adjust. You can take action. You can get results. You can do it. No obstacle is too great. No dream is too distant. Every moment is yours with which to work, to build, to create, to live with passion and purpose. Life is great and you’re a wonderful, effective, creative person. Live each moment with that in mind. You can do it, because you’ve got what it takes.

— Ralph Marston

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