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We must not allow ourselves to become like the system we oppose.
-- Bishop Desmond Tutu


Tuesday, September 9, 1997

Having and giving

The only things you can truly own, are those you’re able to give. The things that you are not able to give, only imprison you.

You truly know something only when you’re able to teach it. You only know love when you can give it. You only know happiness when you can bring it to others. You can only know abundance when you provide value to the lives of others.

That’s not to say that we must give away all we have, but rather that it is the ability and willingness to give, which makes it ours in the first place. Can you imagine anything more miserable than having everything in the world, and no one to share it with?

Whatever you’re holding back and hiding from the world -- your skills, your thoughts, your passion, your knowledge, your enthusiasm, your courage -- is holding you back. The riches you have, be they material, intellectual or spiritual, are worthless unless you use them.

— Ralph Marston

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