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People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily.
-- Zig Ziglar


Saturday, August 23, 1997


Look around you. Your house, your car, your computer, telephone, refrigerator, clocks, roads, books -- all these things and more, originated in the human mind. Just think, what thinking can do.

Scientists now estimate that the normal person uses less than five percent of their brain’s capacity. And yet we seem to get by fairly well on that. Imagine what would be possible if you could use your brain just a little bit more.

The realm of the mind has no limitations. You don’t need money, or space, or batteries to think. You can imagine the grandest, most complex of things, while taking a shower or pulling weeds. Just like your muscles, your mind becomes stronger the more you use it, the more you challenge it, the more you pay attention to it.

We live in a world where fortunes are being made every day, from thoughts and ideas. Your mind can take you anywhere you want to go. Use it for all it’s worth, and think of the possibilities.

— Ralph Marston

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