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Talent without genius isn't much, but genius without talent is nothing whatsoever.
-- Paul Valery


Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Focus your energy

You are powerful. Yet that power is often very dispersed, and so it cannot do you much good. To accomplish anything, requires focus. The more focus, the higher and more spectacular the accomplishment.

Think of all the energy you use in the pursuit of things that are, in the end, useless -- jealousy, bitterness, worry, envy, spite, finding fault, greed. Imagine what would happen if you took all that energy, and concentrated it on the pursuit of your dreams.

You can, and do -- on a daily basis -- accomplish the things you set your mind on. If you set your mind on jealousy, you become jealous. If you set your mind on excellence, you become excellent.

Powerful focus comes from the choices you make each moment, and the moment after that, and the next moment, and so on. Make the choice to stay focused on the things that count, and you’ll have the power to accomplish whatever you want.

— Ralph Marston

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