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No man will work for your interests unless they are his.
-- David Seabury


Tuesday, August 5, 1997

A great idea

Ideas are very valuable. Everything that is created or accomplished, begins as an idea -- from a day at the beach to a worldwide, multi-billion-dollar corporation. The potential of an idea to grow, is unlimited.

Yet ideas are completely worthless, without action and commitment. Just having a great idea is not enough. It is very necessary, but not nearly enough.

An idea is just the beginning. An idea is an unrealized possibility. An idea is a plan -- a plan for effort, for discipline, for action. An idea is like a diamond buried deep in the ground. To have value, it must be mined, and cut, and polished, and kept safe, and delivered to someone who can appreciate and value it. An idea that just sits buried, does no one any good.

Give your great ideas the effort and commitment they deserve, and they’ll grow into great accomplishments.

— Ralph Marston

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