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All man's gains are fruit of venturing.
-- Herodotus


Saturday, August 2, 1997


We surround ourselves with noise, because we are uncomfortable with silence. We fill our lives with distractions, because we are reluctant to confront our true selves. We make sure that there are plenty of things to keep us entertained, so we don’t have to just sit and think.

Yet in the silence, away from the noise and distraction, there is a beautiful person. Every now and then, get quiet and just listen to the real person inside of you. That person knows your deepest secrets and your most treasured desires. That person still knows the wonders, the joys, the innocence of childhood. That person has the courage to dream big dreams. That person doesn’t need a constant sound track -- that person has substance.

Take a quiet walk, now and again, with the real you, who lives beneath all the everyday distractions. Find strength, courage and insight in the beautiful person you are.

— Ralph Marston

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