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A child needs your presence more than your presents.
-- Jesse Jackson


Thursday, July 17, 1997


Weakness comes from being too spread out. Power comes from concentration. Excellence in any pursuit requires single-minded focus. Focus, in turn, requires purpose and commitment.

If you’re going to do something, then give it all your attention. By committing yourself in this way, you achieve great things. The power of single-minded focus does not just come to you. It is the result of a choice you make -- a choice to forsake all the distractions of the moment and concentrate on achieving your goal.

Focus requires that you constantly remind yourself of what’s important to you, of what you are committed to achieving. With a clear, specific sense of direction, and the discipline to stay on track, your actions will be powerfully focused and effective.

Know what you want, and then choose to focus on making it happen.

— Ralph Marston

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