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The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
-- Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Monday, March 24, 1997


In every life there is some sadness. The loss of a loved one, the disappointment of a shattered dream. Things don’t always go the way we want.

Sadness hurts. It is difficult. And ultimately, it is good. Because sadness can come only when you care. As painful as it is, consider the alternative. What if you did not even care? Paradoxically, the absence of pain is the ultimate pain.

We must learn to experience and appreciate our sadness, without being overwhelmed by it. And the first step is to admit it and feel it for what it is. It is a powerful form of caring. About ourselves, about others, about truth, about love, about life. Sadness shows us how very much we care, and defines for us the truly important things in life.

Even in the pain of sadness, there is meaning and hope. Out of sadness, comes a deeper sense of appreciation. The sunshine is more precious after a week of rainy days. In sadness is the strength to go forward and the opportunity to triumph over every obstacle.

— Ralph Marston

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