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Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free.
-- Paul Tillich


Tuesday, March 18, 1997

A little something extra

You never know when that little something extra might make a big difference in the end. Races are won by hundredths of a second, and there are countless opportunities along the way to gain the slight edge that will make all the difference.

Everyone puts out maximum effort when the finish line is in sight. Only the true winner knows, however, that the race is not won at the end, but rather along the way. In fact, the true winner starts to win long before the race is even begun, by putting a little something extra into each training session.

A slight edge, every step of the way, will add up to a big advantage in the end. What can you do today, to improve your performance just a little bit over what you did yesterday? What little bit extra can you do for your boss, your spouse, your children, your customers, your friends, yourself? It adds up, until it is unstoppable. Just a little something extra, every day. Think about the power of that.

— Ralph Marston

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