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Most of us have far more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed.
-- Dale Carnegie


Saturday, February 22, 1997

A little bit more

The man who can drive himself further
once the effort gets painful
is the man who will win.

             -- Roger Bannister

When things get difficult, that’s the time to give it your all. That’s when you can make the biggest difference.

It is when you reach the edge of your abilities, and you come face to face with your limitations, that you begin to grow. When you are forced to push yourself beyond the limit, you will raise yourself above the crowd.

Give it all you’ve got, and then give it a little bit more. That little bit will make all the difference. That little bit will turn struggle into achievement. It only takes one point more than the other team, to win the Super Bowl. It only takes a few hundredths of a second less than the nearest runner, to win the race.

Making the effort will keep you in the race. Giving a little bit extra on top of that, will make you a winner.

— Ralph Marston

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