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Dreams never hurt anybody if he keeps working right behind the dream to make as much of it come real as he can.
-- Frank W. Woolworth


Saturday, February 8, 1997

You can do it

When the going gets rough, and it seems like you just cannot take any more, remember -- you can take it, you can make it, you can do it.

All it ever takes is one step. One step in the direction of your goal. One step away from your troubles. Just one step. And then after that step, another. Anyone can take one step. You can take one step, right now.

You won’t do it all in one day. It will take time. But you can do it. You can get anywhere you want to go, by just moving toward it every chance you get. Little steps, one after another, will get you there. Don’t waste your time figuring out how to make big leaps. Just keep taking the small steps -- they’ll get you there more reliably and probably quicker.

Once you take that first step, and commit to taking the rest, things change. Momentum is suddenly on your side. What one step can you take right now, that will lead you toward the life you want? What one small thing can you do?

Do it now. And then, immediately look for the next step. Keep going until you’re there.

— Ralph Marston

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