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It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.
-- Elizabeth Kenny


Saturday, December 21, 1996

Enjoy today

Whatever you find yourself doing -- enjoy it. Who says that work has to be difficult and tedious? Find a way to enjoy it, and you will be infinitely more effective. Who says that cold, rainy weather has to be miserable? That’s just somebody’s opinion. Enjoy the cold wind on your face. Enjoy the beauty of the rainfall, and a former source of misery will change to a source of delight.

Enjoy what you do. Enjoy where you are. Enjoy the people you’re with.

Too many people place limits on their happiness. “If only I could get a new job,” they say, “then I’ll be happy.” Or “If only I could go out with her", “If only I had a new house” or “If only the weather would warm up.” But when you place conditions on your enjoyment of life, then you’re not really free, but rather a slave to those conditions.

When you enjoy life, you’ll be better at it. It is in the things you enjoy the most, that you will find true success and effectiveness.

— Ralph Marston

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