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Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror.
-- Kahlil Gibran


Friday, November 1, 1996

Something for nothing

If you expect something for nothing, then you need to raise your expectations. Because the only something you’ll get for nothing is... nothing. And that’s not much.

When you expect something for nothing, what do you really expect? Do you expect that you’ll receive the “best” life has to offer in return for contributing nothing. Do you think that somehow the universe should tilt in your favor, and that you should be able to take without giving back?

Let’s imagine a “value expectation continuum.” On the far left is “something for nothing.” In the middle is “something for something". And on the far right is “nothing for something.” So, the more you move to the right, the more you give, and the less you expect to receive in return. Guess where all the world’s wealthiest, happiest, most fulfilled people are? They’re way off to the right end of the spectrum. They create for the sake of creation.

Why? They’ve discovered that giving is infinitely more rewarding than taking. Not just in the context of morality, but also in dollars and cents. They give value, and that value is returned to them many times over.

Don’t waste your time chasing “something for nothing.” You wouldn’t want it even if you got it.

— Ralph Marston

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