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You always pass failure on the way to success.
-- Mickey Rooney


Thursday, October 3, 1996

Not so easy

Value is created by effort. It requires commitment, and sacrifice, and action -- lots of action, over and over again.

So why do so many people look for an easy way out?

Somehow we have gotten the idea that life should be easy. That’s a lie. It’s a seductive message at first blush, yet when you think about it, would you really want life to be easy?

The only people who have it “easy” are buried six feet under the ground. If you are alive, things are not easy. By its very definition, life is not easy. Life is composed of activity, challenge and struggle. Give up the illusion that life can ever be easy. You wouldn’t want it to be.

Instead, let your life be grand, glorious, challenging and full of accomplishment. That beats easy any day!

Stop wasting your time looking for an easy way out, and get on with the exciting business of meeting the challenges of life. That is where you’ll find joy and fulfillment.

— Ralph Marston

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