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Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience.
-- Clarence Day


Wednesday, October 2, 1996

There’s a reason

Our hopes and dreams are what make us great. They push us to do whatever it takes to reach them. They give us the enthusiasm with which we inspire others to see our vision. They help us through all the obstacles along the way.

There is a reason for the dreams that you have. Your dreams are yours so that you will follow them. The pain you feel if you’re not following your dream, has the same purpose as any other pain -- to get your attention and prompt you to correct the situation.

The joy you feel when pursuing your dream is there to keep you on the path.

The value of your dream is in the person you become by following it -- in the skills you learn, in the people you help, in the growth you experience.

Dare to dream big dreams. The bigger your dream, the more motivation it will give you. When you put your dreams into action, you’ll learn who you are. As you follow your dreams, you’ll discover skills, passions, knowledge and desires that were meant for you. You’ll find the essence that makes you unique.

Your dreams are not there to frustrate you, but to guide you toward the essential, joyful, abundant expression of creation that you are.

— Ralph Marston

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