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While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.
-- Henry C Link


Saturday, September 14, 1996


Does your life have substance or is it full of fluff? Are you just filling your time, or do you make the most of every moment?

A life of fluff has no solid foundation. It is full of pettiness, procrastination, addictions, excuses, blaming others, and hoping for good luck. Fluff is always waiting until the time is right (it never is), with only the vaguest sense of direction and purpose, and an emphasis on maintaining appearances but not much else. This is a life that is going nowhere.

Real substance in life comes from setting goals, devising workable strategies, and taking action. It is built on reliability, firm convictions, commitments, a clear sense of purpose, and a depth of character. Substance results from using your resources to create maximum value for yourself and others. A life of substance is a life of participation and achievement.

Accomplishment and fulfillment require substance. Look at everything you do, and ask yourself -- is this something of substance, or is it fluff? Is it helping me to grow as a person, or is it just filling my time?

In all of history, you are unique. No one else has the potential that you do, to make a real, substantial difference in the world. Make every special moment count.

— Ralph Marston

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