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The hours that make us happy make us wise.
-- John Masefield


Wednesday, September 4, 1996

Bootstrap success with micro-goals

Nothing succeeds like success. The best way to insure success in one area is to have success in another area. When you’re in the habit of setting goals, and then achieving them, it gives you the confidence and positive focus needed to reach even higher. And how do you start the ball rolling?

A great way to bootstrap yourself into the momentum of success is with micro goals. Get in the habit of setting small goals and achieving them. Something like, “I will concentrate on this project until I finish the next three sections” or “I will answer all my e-mail by 9:30.” Make them realistic, yet challenging. Write them down, and then check them off when they’re done.

A detailed, prioritized “to-do” list is nothing but a collection of micro goals. As you check each one off, you feel good. Soon, you get to where you look forward to that good feeling. And that desire drives you to set and accomplish more small goals. It’s called a positive feedback loop. And as your successful behavior reinforces itself, the goals get bigger, more challenging and more meaningful. Your confidence grows, along with your competence and discipline. You literally get addicted to success. You demand more and more of yourself. And you develop the habits and belief system that enables you to achieve whatever you want.

It all starts with the smallest, 15-minute goal. Anybody can do that. Just keep on doing it, hour after hour, day after day. Before long, you’re habitually successful.

— Ralph Marston

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