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To fly, we have to have resistance.
-- Maya Lin


Monday, September 2, 1996

Move yourself to a new state

Your state of mind has a major influence on everything in your life. The results you achieve in any arena -- work, family, sports, social -- are due, for the most part, to your state of mind.

Your conscious mind can only hold one thought at a time. From moment to moment, you control what that thought is. So any time a negative thought works its way into your mind, you must replace it with a positive thought. The trick is to have that positive thought ready and waiting to use whenever you need it.

And the best way to do that is with clear, meaningful, precisely formulated goals for your life. They make for great positive thoughts that will quickly and effectively improve your state of mind.

When doubt, fear, anxiety or depression threaten to sidetrack you, focus on your goals. Imagine that you have already achieved them. Visualize yourself doing what you’ve always wanted to do. See yourself driving that new car, living in that house on the hill, sailing the ocean. Make the scene bright and clear in your mind, and play it over and over.

It takes a conscious effort, along with discipline and practice. And it will keep you continually focused and highly effective in everything you do.

— Ralph Marston

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