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He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder.
-- M. C. Escher


Monday, July 15, 1996

Look around you -- there you are!

Think for a moment about what your environment is like. What makes up the day-to-day “stuff” or your life? Your environment has a powerful influence on your growth and success. If you spend your days surrounded by things that are limiting, your success will be limited. When you spend your time in an environment that is uplifting, it will bring true success to your life.

Take a serious look at your environment...

What kind of food do you eat? Do you fill your body with junk, or with high-energy nutrition?

Do you sit mesmerized for hours in front of the TV? Or do you seek out new, real-life experiences on a regular basis?

What kind of people do you like to associate with? Are they people who spend time and energy on petty gossip and instant gratification? Or are they people who challenge you to better yourself -- physically, intellectually and spiritually?

How are your living spaces -- your home, your office, your vehicle, your neighborhood? Are they trashy, cluttered and broken down, or are they clean, organized and well-maintained?

What about your spiritual environment? Are you just drifting through life, or do you have a clear sense of purpose and values.

Every part of your life affects every other part. You can’t expect to live in a dysfunctional environment at home and be successful in your career. You can’t expect to have any great accomplishments in your life when you spend your evenings bar hopping or channel surfing.

Look at your surroundings -- the places, the people, the activities, the values. These things define you. And you have control over them. If you don’t like what your environment says about you, then take steps to change it. Start eating better quality food (bananas don’t cost any more than potato chips). Hang out with people who challenge and stimulate you, and leave the petty gossip to someone else. Clean up and organize your desk, your car, your home and your yard. Turn off the TV. And take the time develop a clear understanding of your purpose in life.

Build an environment that’s suitable for the person you desire to be.

— Ralph Marston

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