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Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.
-- Anthony J. D'Angelo


Saturday, June 8, 1996

Little by little adds up big

If I sat down to write a 150 page book on personal development, I would not know where to begin. The task in front of me would appear daunting. And yet, in the last few months, that’s exactly what I’ve done. Writing this column each day, a few paragraphs a day, I’ve put together a large amount of information. It seems like only yesterday that I started (it was November 1, 1995).

There is enormous power in the things you do consistently -- day after day after day, focused in the same direction. Remember the story of the tortise and the hare? Consistency will win out over brute force and speed just about any day. If you start too fast you’ll burn out long before you reach your goal. Even if it were possible to have it all immediately, where would be the joy and the sense of accomplishment in that?

Instead, make time your friend. Pace yourself. Leave a little bit undone each day so there will be something to get you started tomorrow. More importantly, keep yourself focused and traveling in the direction of your dreams. Resolve to write one chapter a day in the book of your life. Before long, you’ll have a masterpiece.

— Ralph Marston

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