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Tuesday, March 5, 1996

Finding your vision

Yesterday we discussed the importance of having a vision, a “why". Naturally, as masters of the “how", the first thing we’ll want to know is “how?” How do we find a why?

It is really very easy. You find a why by asking “why?"

Think of something you want. Chances are the first thing you think of will be something material. That’s OK, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure it is something you really want, not something you say you want just because you think you should. I’m going to use, as an example, a boat. Not just any boat, but a 50 foot sailing yacht with seaworthy rigging and a big, comfortable living space.

Next step: ask yourself why. Why do I want this boat? To sail to the South Pacific.

Again, ask yourself why. Why do I want to sail to the South Pacific? Hmmm. Let’s see. I’ve always wanted to do it, but I just kind of took it for granted. I guess because it would be an exciting adventure.

And again, ask why. Why do I want an exciting adventure? Well, that’s getting kind of tough. I want an exciting adventure because I want to experience life to the fullest.

Fair enough. That’s a good reason. And why do I want to experience life to the fullest? Whew, this is getting a little intense. I want to experience life to the fullest because I am fascinated by the possibilities that life offers. Fascinated? Well, OK, I admit it. I’m obsessed with the possibilities that life offers.

Now we’re getting somewhere. And why am I obsessed with the possibilities that life offers?

The answer: because that’s me. Bingo! We’re there. We’ve asked “why” enough times that we’ve gotten down to the ultimate why. And that, by the way, is mine, as nearly as I can determine it, though the example given is not the way I arrived at it. I am driven by possibilities. That is my why.

How will you know it when you reach yours? Trust me, you’ll know it. It will be a very emotional experience when you get to the basic why of your life. And a very empowering experience. Because once you’ve been there, so many things will become clear. To borrow a line from Disney’s Pocahontas, you’ll see things “you never knew you never knew.” You’ll gain a deeper, clearer understanding of yourself and your place in the world, and an appreciation of what your life has to offer.

— Ralph Marston

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