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There is more to life than increasing its speed.
-- Mahatma Gandhi


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Wonder of existence

Life is amazing, even in its most ordinary, familiar aspects. Give your cynicism permission to melt away, and be amazed.

See life today as you saw it for the first time. Open your eyes wide with wonder and curiosity, and be amazed.

Feel the texture, observe the detail, breathe in the aroma of this unique point in space and time. Listen as the rhythm changes, watch as hues are transformed, taste the fresh flavor as each new moment arrives.

You are distinct, beautiful, and at the same time part of an even greater whole. Be amazed at all you know, and at the limitless nature of what you’ve yet to experience.

Glimpse the simple, elegant truth that resonates throughout every complexity. Be amazed at your own awareness of being amazed.

Witness with all your senses, with all your heart, the wonder of existence. Show yourself how good it feels, and how empowering it is, to be amazed.

— Ralph Marston

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