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Character develops itself in the stream of life.
-- Goethe


Friday, November 23, 2018

Clear intentions

What are your intentions for this day, for this month? Make those intentions clear, make them strong, make them sacrosanct, and make them happen.

Many factors can work against you. Be sure your own purposefulness is working entirely in your favor.

Well-chosen intentions power you past all the annoying, wasteful distractions. Those intentions compel you to work through whatever obstacles land in your path.

This day does not have to be another one in which nothing gets done. Decide right now what you intend to do with today, and enshrine that intention in the center of your awareness.

This day, and every day, can be filled with meaningful achievement and experience. Set your intentions, maintain those intentions, and get all those good things done.

Live your life far beyond the excuses, distractions, frustrations, and regrets. Live with intention, and live up to your highest possibilities.

— Ralph Marston

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