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Every cultural flowering finds root and nourishment in an expansion of commerce and industry.
-- Will Durant


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Do the work

Whether the work is difficult or easy, is not the issue. It is yours for the doing, yours for the achieving.

Let go of the thought that you must struggle to get it done. Go ahead, do what the work asks of you, follow where it leads, add the value of your thought and effort.

Release your need to resist the effort. Allow your thoughts to flow, focused on making a difference, on being useful.

Do not seek refuge in doubts or excuses. Choose instead to push deeper into the best possibilities, doing all you can to create new value.

You have good work to do, and the opportunity in this moment to make progress. Right now, you can transform fleeting time into lasting value.

Do the work, do it well, free of hesitation, resentment, or struggle. Give your best, and you’ll be living at your best.

— Ralph Marston

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