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Character building begins in our infancy, and continues until death.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt


Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Treasure every moment

Treasure every moment. Align yourself with the goodness, the value, the positive possibilities in every situation.

Your life is too precious to waste even a tiny fraction of it. The opportunity for richness is too valuable to let it slip away without making full use of it.

Say yes to each day as soon as it dawns. Then make it your business to fill the day with joy.

The beauty of all existence is yours to behold. Countless possibilities are yours to fulfill.

Do what you would do if you were the most fortunate, joyful person who has ever lived. Imagine new and creative ways to express the wonder of life’s limitless abundance.

Remind yourself in each moment of the great opportunity you have. Treasure it, love it, live it, give it everything you have.

— Ralph Marston

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