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"Do-so" is more important than "say-so."
-- Pete Seeger


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Good things in life

You are much more valuable for what you are than for what you have, or consume. As you let go of superficial desires, you free yourself to be yourself.

Lusting for momentary pleasure will interrupt and delay your progress toward deeper fulfillment. Learn to step beyond those cravings that always lead to disappointment and regret.

You receive from life what you are willing to invest in it. The problem with instant gratification is that it disappears in the next instant.

Just because you’re able to get your hands on some particular shiny object, doesn’t mean it’s your best choice. Seek to choose based on purpose more than impulse.

It’s great to possess good, beautiful, useful things. Yet life becomes increasingly empty when you cling to the expectation they will fulfill you.

Let your outer possessions and experiences be expressions of your inner beauty, not the other way around. When you’re not enslaved by the good things in life, you can truly enjoy them, and everything else.

— Ralph Marston

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