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Happiness is activity.
-- Aristotle


Friday, February 2, 2018

Calm and thoughtful

Stay calm, stay thoughtful, and stay in control. Tap into the great strength that resides in serenity.

Just because urgent action is required does not mean panic is called for. Choose to stay calm, and do your most effective work.

Anxiety drains your energy, distorts your perception, and gives you nothing of value in return. Frenzied activity invites carelessness and wasted effort.

Your best way forward is with calm and determined strength, especially when you’re immersed in noise, clutter, and confusion. Stay calm, and make decisions based on purpose and intention, not tumult and disruption.

Absorb the hectic energy as it swirls around you. Then utilize that energy in a focused and well-considered way.

Stay calm, and experience how strong and effective you feel. Stay calm, and when the chaos subsides, you’ll be far ahead.

— Ralph Marston

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