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-- Ashley Montagu



Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Get it over with

On a practical, logical level, you know resentment is a waste of your time and energy. But on an emotional level, it often seems like you cannot help but feel resentment when you’ve been wronged.

One thing you can do is go ahead and feel it. Feel your resentment, and while you’re feeling it notice how useless it is.

Notice how every moment you’re filled with resentment is a moment you’re not getting any good things done. Notice how the resentment drains your energy and your motivation.

See for yourself that resentment doesn’t make anything better. Realize it’s in your best interest to get beyond resentment.

If you need to feel resentment, feel it fully so you can quickly get it over with. Feel it so intensely you understand how much it’s hurting you and holding you back.

Then, with forgiveness, forever free yourself from the need to feel that resentment. Free yourself, fill your mind with positive thoughts, and fill your days with effective action.

— Ralph Marston


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