Generosity generates income.
-- Seth Godin



Friday, March 24, 2017

Choose precisely

Give this day a specific purpose and from it you will get specific results. Focus on a set of meaningful goals and you’ll get worthwhile things accomplished.

It’s great to have positive intentions. For those intentions to be realized, they must be clear, detailed, unambiguous.

You’re capable of doing amazing things every time you aim your efforts in a well-defined direction. If you wish to make something good and valuable out of this day, decide right now precisely what that will be.

An essential part of any achievement is deciding exactly what the achievement will look like. The more details you fill in, the more options you give yourself for making it happen.

How many, what color, when, where, how big, with who? Challenge yourself to transform generalized desires into richly detailed goals.

You have the power to do precisely what you choose. So go ahead and choose, precisely.

— Ralph Marston


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