Many attempts to communicate are nullified by saying too much.
-- Robert Greenleaf



Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day of enrichment

Make today a day of enrichment. Rather than just getting through the day, make something valuable and lasting out of it.

Take a moment to look back on your life, and recall the things that have meant the most to you. Today you have the opportunity to create more of those things.

Instead of filling the moments with empty distractions, you can create new richness. You can make more of what makes life good.

You don’t have to settle for pointless, random occurrences that come your way. Today you can live with positive, purposeful intention, with substance.

Fill your time with the people, the places, the work, the fun, the experiences that matter to you. Invest your energy in fulfillment, in richness, in meaningful substance.

Take this opportunity to live this day as a day of enrichment. You have what it takes to make it the best one yet.

— Ralph Marston


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