No problem can stand the assault of sustained thinking.
-- Voltaire



Thursday, January 19, 2017

Made for giving

You’ve made great progress, but it is not enough. Because you can do more.

Life is about giving, and that’s something you can do whatever your situation may be. As much as you’ve done, as much as you’ve given, you always have more to give.

Indeed, it is giving to life that sustains you. Giving, doing, making a difference benefits your world, and benefits you.

The purpose of achievement is not to sit idly on top of it, smug and self satisfied. Instead, build on that achievement, expand it to have a positive impact on more lives.

There is always more to be done, more substance you can offer to life. Take every opportunity to let unique, meaningful purpose flow through you, energizing your very soul.

Life is made for giving, and it is made good by giving, so keep going, keep giving. All the goodness you give is also your own.

— Ralph Marston


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