Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.
-- Lord Chesterfield



Friday, December 2, 2016

Life at its finest

Ego holds you back. Love nudges you forward.

Focusing solely on yourself keeps you stuck. Directing your energy, awareness and efforts outward will open all kinds of new possibilities.

Making everything all about you creates a narrow perspective that restricts every aspect of your life. Choose instead to listen, understand, empathize, forgive, cooperate.

You won’t get anything worthwhile if you seek only to take. True richness is the realm of those who give freely and generously of themselves.

Embrace the positive value in opinions that differ from yours. Grow in wisdom and competence by letting go of the notion that you already have everything figured out.

Escape the confinement of your ego by living with humility, generosity, and love. Live and give beyond yourself, and enjoy life at its finest.

— Ralph Marston


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