Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is.
-- Bhagavad Gita



Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Keep up the good work

Each kindness you offer makes the world a better place. Every word of encouragement lifts life a little higher.

All the times you choose to do what’s right, and good, and valuable, you create new goodness. By speaking the truth, and living authentically, you make truth itself more powerful and present.

You’re making a difference, making life positive and meaningful. Today is another opportunity to keep up the good work.

Your efforts create value, and that value grows. Your love and generosity inspire new richness, and that richness expands.

You know how good it feels when you leave people, places, situations better off than when you found them. It feels so good because it is so good, and you’ll have many more chances to do it again.

You are at your best when you’re enabling love, hope, goodness and joy. And every day is a day to be your best.

— Ralph Marston


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