To solve big problems you have to be willing to do unpopular things.
-- Lee Iacocca



Saturday, November 26, 2016

Live your value

Do all you can to be capable and competent, decisive, effective, successful. But don’t let your whole identity get wrapped up in those things.

You are more than your capabilities, more than your achievements. Those things are great, and important, yet they are things you do, not who you are.

No loss, no failure, no reversal of fortune can diminish the true and unique value of you. You can do impressive things as well as humiliating things, and still your beautiful essence remains.

Achievements large and small are concrete expressions of the value that is your life. Yet that value is always there, with and without the achievements.

From deep inside, you feel driven to share the value of your life and to build upon it. You do so with your efforts, your words, your presence.

And no matter what you do, or fail to do, or how you appear in the eyes of others, the value is ever there. Know this always, and feel the confidence to live your value with authenticity, kindness, love and joy.

— Ralph Marston


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