A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.
-- Frank Capra



Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Marvel at the magic

Stop searching for situations where you can be joyful. Start expressing joy in whatever situations you’re in.

Don’t keep striving to create the perfect circumstance. Live richly, with meaning, integrity, authenticity and fun in every circumstance.

Happiness is not something to be defined in advance. Happiness is yours to choose in each moment.

Yes, be ambitious, set goals, work toward them. Just remember that there is much goodness, life, fulfillment to be enjoyed along the way.

Marvel at the magic of living in a world where so many amazing experiences are available to you every day. With a constant sense of awe and gratitude, seek to more fully earn the abundance that’s already yours.

Let go of the conditions you’ve placed on joy, and open yourself to all its possibilities. Be joy, live joy, here, now, and with whatever may or may not come.

— Ralph Marston


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