Pessimism never won any battle.
-- Dwight D Eisenhower



Saturday, October 1, 2016

Do the work

You find it difficult to turn away from the comforts of the moment to work on a future achievement. Difficult, yet the quality of your life demands it.

Compared to immediate gratification, everything else feels like work. Be strong, be purposeful, rise above shortsightedness, and do the work.

Enjoy each moment, be good to yourself, but don’t pamper yourself into a meaningless existence. You are able to do great things, so get your hands dirty and get those great things done.

There is no real joy in endless empty pleasure. If you’re not creating meaningful value, you’re accumulating bitter regret.

Great possibilities abound right now, so seize them, work with them. The opportunities, the challenges, the efforts strengthen you, energize you, fulfill you.

Substance and richness are what you seek. Let them come through your efforts, every chance you get.

— Ralph Marston


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