Success is never certain. Failure is never final.
-- Robert Schuller



Saturday, July 16, 2016

Beautiful place

Each day has its own beauty. See the beauty, live the beauty in this unique day.

Wind blows, rain falls, stars shine, friends cry, families gather, joy appears from nowhere. Your experience of life gains more substance.

Tragedies, pleasant surprises, disappointments, and discoveries happen, journeys are ended and friendships begun. Let it all build your strength, deepen your understanding and liberate your love.

Before you judge, if you judge at all, take a moment to appreciate, to learn, to empathize. Expect to see beauty, especially when it’s not obvious, for it is surely there.

Notice again and again how fortunate you are. The evidence is all around you, and beautiful, and well worth gathering into your awareness.

Fall in love again each moment with the beauty, letting its freshness lift your spirit. Give yourself the formidable benefit of living always in a beautiful place.

— Ralph Marston


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