I've long seen failure as a tool, not an outcome.
-- Scott Adams



Saturday, June 4, 2016

Satisfaction of achievement

Achievement is no great mystery. It’s just a matter of doing the work, and today you can do the work.

There’s some step you can take, right now, in the direction of whatever you choose to achieve. Instead of waiting, wishing or wondering, just go ahead and take that step.

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that must be done to reach the goal you’ve set? Instead of letting that feeling discourage you, allow it to inspire you.

Yes, there’s much to be done. And that’s a powerful reason to start getting it done right now.

Are you doubtful that your actions will get results? The way to remove that doubt is to go ahead, take the actions, do your best, and see what happens.

In this very moment, you can enjoy the satisfaction of achievement as you bring it into being. Get to work now, doing the great things you know you can do.

— Ralph Marston


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