By words the mind is winged.
-- Aristophanes



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Choose your best mood

If you feel like your mood has imprisoned you, remind yourself who has the key to unlock that prison. You do.

Your mood at any moment is your choice. You might base that choice on what has just happened, or on something entirely different, yet it is always your choice.

Your mood is never forced upon you, so don’t treat it that way. See your mood for what it is, your choice, and make that choice an empowering one.

If your mood is pulling you down, there’s no need to fight it. Just change it.

Let your mood reflect your best present possibilities rather than your past disappointments. Align yourself with those possibilities by making them the lens through which you view life in this moment.

You can make anything of your mood, so make it one of positive energy and appreciation. Choose to let your mood lead you forward, and it will.

— Ralph Marston


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