When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.
-- Ernest Hemingway



Thursday, May 12, 2016

What a good thing you have

You are alive, aware and able in a world of limitless possibilities. Take a moment to consider what a very good thing you have.

With intention, thought and action applied over time, you can bring new richness to life. If that’s not a miracle, nothing is.

It’s easy to get dismayed by the petty little problems, and those challenges that are not so petty. Yet that dismay quickly melts away when you remind yourself of the limitless possibilities in which you’re immersed.

Look around, and let yourself be inspired by the unique beauty of this moment. Feel the purpose and the possibilities that live within you, and commit yourself to expressing them fully.

This world has its problems, yet those problems exist within an overall context of goodness and abundance. You can tap into that abundance and live that goodness every moment of every day.

Open your heart to the abundance, and allow yourself to appreciate how good you have it. Then do what you know you can do to make it even better.

— Ralph Marston


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