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-- Mal Pancoast



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Benefits of discomfort

The discomfort of strenuous exercise makes your body stronger, and your spirit as well. The discomfort of an unfamiliar place heightens your senses, and soon results in greater confidence.

Your life benefits from your willingness to do what is uncomfortable. Go beyond where you are comfortable, and you grow in your capabilities, your relationships, your knowledge, your confidence and more.

If an opportunity or an idea is completely comfortable to you, it’s probably not of much value to you. If a person, a task or a situation never challenges you, there’s little chance for growth.

There’s nothing wrong with taking refuge in what is dependably comfortable. But don’t imprison yourself by refusing to ever leave those comfortable spaces.

Hone your best capabilities by reaching beyond what you already know you can do. For the sake of your own possibilities, seek out new people, places, responsibilities and concepts that make you a bit uncomfortable.

Discomfort strengthens you, teaches you, sharpens your senses and illuminates new, valuable possibilities. By making yourself a little vulnerable, a little uncomfortable, you can make your life a lot better.

— Ralph Marston


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