It's your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.
-- Zig Ziglar



Saturday, April 23, 2016

Energy to keep going

How do you keep going when everything seems to keep going against you? How do you push forward when it feels like the whole world is pushing back at you?

The way to keep going is to remind yourself why. There is a reason you’ve chosen this path, and connecting with that reason will keep you on the path.

When you started, that reason was clear, visible and present, fresh in your awareness. It gave you the energy, enthusiasm, drive and determination to get started.

Go back now and revisit that reason. Claim that enthusiasm and energy again, recharging yourself with it all in the present moment.

Your love and your purpose are stronger by far than any challenge you face. Do what you must do to remind yourself of that, as often as possible.

You have what it takes to keep going, and it’s been there right from the start. Remember, reconnect, feel the love, feel the purpose, and engage the positive energy to push through whatever may come.

— Ralph Marston


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