Failures are like skinned knees, painful but superficial.
-- H. Ross Perot



Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The miracle that is all that is

Life is magical, and the magic springs forth from the way you live it. This day is magical, and your job is to make it so.

Do not long for the way things were when things were good. The goodness you recall lives within you still, and is begging you to express it in new ways today.

Do not wish for your fondest dreams and highest values to be realized. Bring them to life in all you do.

If you strive to separate problems from opportunities, desirable from undesirable, you end up with nothing but striving. Embrace life as it is, allowing your love to amplify its richness.

Let the illusion of separation melt away. When you have a thought, the whole world thinks that thought, and what you feel, life itself feels.

Open yourself to the miracle that is all that is. You have great things to do with it now.

— Ralph Marston


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