The best way out is always through.
-- Robert Frost



Friday, March 18, 2016

Choice to act

Conditions, advantages, situations, resources, skills, timing and knowledge are all important factors in what you do. But they’re not nearly as important as your choice to act.

The conditions may be perfect or they may be awful. In either case, and in all cases in between, you can get good stuff done.

A sailing ship can reach its destination whether that destination is upwind or downwind. The main difference is that the upwind journey provides sailors with more experience.

No matter how this day started or how it has been going, you can make progress now. Whether good things are falling into your lap or your situation has fallen into disarray, you can move forward.

What matters is your choice to get it done. Make the choice to act, and persist in following through.

The wind will shift, the sky will clear and then darken, people will criticize you and then praise you, support you and then oppose you. Through it all, continue making the choice to act, and you’ll make good progress no matter what.

— Ralph Marston


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