Chance favors the prepared mind.
-- Louis Pasteur



Friday, February 26, 2016

Always making a difference

Zero in on what you do well, and do it often. Whatever it is you do that makes the biggest difference, ramp it up.

Don’t be timid, embarrassed, worried, lazy or arrogant about it. Just get busy and go make a positive contribution to life.

You live in a beautiful world, filled with endless possibilities. This world needs what you have to offer, and is begging for you to add your own unique value.

The fact is, you’re good at a lot of things. Have the courage to admit what you love, to put your efforts into what you do well, and to create something awesome from that dynamic, every day.

Pour yourself into the incomparable experience of doing what you do best, of making palpable progress, of knowing that what you do truly matters. Refuse to accept any discouragement or excuses, especially from yourself.

Revitalize every moment you enter by giving your best effort. Delight in knowing you’re always making a difference.

— Ralph Marston


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